Wave Hello to the future. A new look for Kevin Page Oriental Art

We are delighted to present a new look for Kevin Page Oriental Art.

Our new logo is steeped in Chinese and Japanese tradition and symbolism. We have designed a completely original logo that brings together our interpretation of the iconic and instantly recognisable Japanese Great Wave crowned with the distinctive four clawed feet of a Chinese dragon.

The wave and dragon claw. Our new logo for Kevin Page Oriental Art


In Chinese mythology, the dragon often symbolises good fortune, power and strength whilst in Japanese culture, the wave represents tactical strength, perseverance, resilience and surges of good luck.

These are all values that represent Kevin Page Oriental Art and the wave in particular is a pertinent reminder of how the business overcame a devastating flood at our Galleries in 2016.

A unique design, we like to think of our new logo more as a Mon that symbolises the story behind our family business as we move into an exciting new era.

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